Who am I?

Hello! ​I'm Molly, or The Sunshine Yogini.


I am a Yoga & Meditation teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, Creative person, Sound Healer and lover of the beautiful outdoors. 

Yoga, Meditation and Music have touched my life so significantly that I have made it my mission to spread the sparkly, sunshine vibes of my Yoga practice to the people who I meet. Thank you for stopping by, I can't wait to meet you!


I love teaching creative, embodied and fluid flows to people of all bodies, shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds - helping you to focus your gaze inwards and melt deeper into loving awareness, at one with the breath. I'm passionate about helping people connect with their bodies and love curating beautiful and sacred spaces within our contemporary world. My classes are soft but strong, fluid but still, yin but yang.

There is always music, always laughter and always bliss.

My own background in Yoga has been woven with many threads. My childhood was full of music and movement and this joyfully became my life as an adult person. Keen on competitive sports, I took up Yoga 10 years ago simply as a way of remaining flexible, strong and working through injury - but quickly fell in love with the way it made me feel, the magic and the philosophy. The vibration of joy and connection resonated deeply with my heart. Yoga lifted away my ego and allowed me to discover the exquisite space that exists in the union of breath, body and creative soul. I came fully alive. 

After completing my initial 200 hour training in 2018 with Yoga Alliance, I have gone on to seek further learning with some truly fantastic, international teachers and will always count myself humbly as a student. You can view my full accreditation list here.

I love to work with voice and often incorporate my study and practice as a professional singer-songwriter into my classes. 


I feel strongly about allowing people a safe space and offering the right guidance to unpick and return to their authentic and embodied voice. I often incorporate instruments and sacred sounds into my classes, music is the language of the soul. To me, this is true Yoga. 

Yoga with me is soulful, light-hearted and fluid, focusing on not only the physical aspects of the practice also on the meditative, philosophical and spiritual elements that help us to embody Yoga when we step off the mat.


I love to give my students a safe and sacred space to explore themselves and their experience of that moment, with no expectations or judgement. My classes are interlaced with traditional teachings as well as a focus on balancing the energetic body with the Elemental and Chakra systems.

Prepare to leave my spaces feeling invigorated, energised and full of sparkle! 

​ Your moment is now. Are you ready for transformation?

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The Sunshine Yogini

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+44 7495 710203


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