Kombucha - The Benefits!

Kombucha is an ancient, fermented and pro-biotic tea drink originating from Japan. Made from black or green tea fermented with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of friendly Bacteria and Yeast) and rich in anti-oxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

Probiotics are a scientifically proven way to maintain your gut-health and boost your immune system. The friendly yeast works with the bacteria in your gut to create a happy and healthy environment for digestion. Alongside this; probiotics can reduce bloating, help the symptoms of IBS and aid in any digestive complaints.

Kombucha can be brewed at home, with minimal ingredients and a little creativity the end product is delicious, healthy and easy to make! Rich in anti-oxidants, Kombucha is beneficial for liver and brain health, with studies showing it can assist in de-toxing the liver and reducing swelling around the brain.

Reasonably acidic in nature, Kombucha can help kill bacteria in the body and can even help promote healthy fat loss, especially if consumed first thing in the morning. Recent studies are investigating how Kombucha and other pro-biotic drinks may be beneficial in fighting cancerous cell mutation.

You can buy bottles of our own Sunshine Kombucha in Rasberry or Classic flavours from Warrior & Wild studio in Nailsworth, or at any of my own classes.



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