Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Located at the base of our spine, the Root Chakra (Muladhara) is responsible for governing our feelings of grounding, safety, security and gratitude. Represented by the colour red, the element of earth and the Bija Mantra 'Lam', we may identify with feeling out of balance with our Root Chakra if we're feeling insecure, unsafe and ungrounded in our lives.

In the physical body Muladhara governs our intestines, kidneys, digestive system, legs and feet, grounding us to the earth and acting as our stabilisation. Anxiety, fears, nightmares and eating disorders are all said to be potentially linked to an imbalance in the root chakra. There are many ways we can bring about seeking balance and harmony in our Root Chakra, see below for some ideas!

Sound meditation

Get yourself comfortably seated for meditation. Using the Bija Mantra 'Lam' softly repeat or sing the mantra out loud, growing gradually quieter and quieter until you are simply repeating the mantra in your head. From here you may find the mantra eventually drifts off into a place of no-mind. If you find your mind wandering come back to the mantra.


Lying comfortably in Savasana or a similar resting pose, begin to visualise the colour red erupting from the point at the end of your spine, where your Root Chakra is located. With each breath you feel supported and held in the space, growing your red light until you are fully enveloped in it. Enjoy the feeling of being present and safe inside of your red light, spending a few moments breathing here. From this point begin to draw all that beautiful red energy back to the point at the end of your spine. Think about the taste and textures associated with the colour red, how does it smell and sound? Slowly bring yourself back into the room.

Food & Drinks

The foods associated with the root chakra are as follows;

- Root vegetables

- Tomatoes

- Beetroot

- Radish

- Ginger

- Red Onion

Make yourself a hearty, root vegetable stew with some ginger tea and you'll be feeling super grounded before long! Connect back to those earth roots and give gratitude for the beautiful produce.



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