Self-Love (Valentines Day)

It's that time of year again... the shops go crazy and everything is suddenly pink and red.

In the midst of the madness and commercialisation there's a beating heart that could use some attention. Yours!

Here's a few things you can do to nurture yourself and practice self-love this Valentines day...

- Treat Yourself! This doesn't necessarily mean take yourself shopping and do some serious retail therapy, splashing the cash isn't always the way to a happy heart! Pop yourself in a bubble bath, give yourself a facial/book a massage/take yourself to the cinema and see the latest flick that's caught your eye. Give yourself a little time with YOU and do something you love that makes you feel amazing. You deserve it.

- Reflect on gratitude! Take a minute or two just before you go to bed to make a list (mental or written) of a couple of things you're grateful for. They can be as big or small as you like. All the little wins add up, plus this is sure to make you smile before you snooze.

- Move your body! Yoga is perfect (surprise surprise) for this. Get yourself onto your mat, even just for a few minutes and have a good old stretch in any way that feels good. Get some beautiful music on and get moving. Maybe you'd prefer a run or a long walk in nature. Anything will do, just move that booty!

- Compliments! Yourself or others, both will make you feel lovely. If you have something nice to say about somebody else, make sure they know it. You never know the sunshine you could bring to their day. Otherwise, look yourself in the eye in the mirror, give yourself a big smile and let yourself know you're looking bad-ass. You're smashing it!

- Unplug! To really spend some time with YOU, unplug from your social, switch the wifi off and hang out with yourself for a couple of hours. Read a book, make yourself dinner and don't be tempted to 'gram your evening protein shake. This really does the trick, give yourself some headspace and take care of you.

- Meditate! Wifi off, face-mask on, stretched, bathed and beautiful... you're ready for it! Get comfy for a couple minutes (5-20) and zone out. Don't mind the busy mind or the masses of thoughts coming up, you can't stop them coming but the more you do the less you'll notice them. Take a breath, count your heartbeats.....

Take care this Valentines Day.


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