Yoga Butt

Yoga butt... Sounds good right?


It’s a real pain in the arse.

If you're brand new to to the mat or you've been practicing for years, we're all as vulnerable to this pesky injury sneaking up on you.

In yoga, there's often a lot of emphasis placed on stretching out tight hamstrings. This is good! However, if this muscle is weak to begin with, problems and injuries can arise from over-stretching — sometimes in the form of yoga butt.

Yoga butt is the term given when the posterior chain (group of muscles down the back of the body and legs) is too weak to sufficiently support a stretch, thus allowing the over-stretch of the hamstrings in compensation. If you have a sedentary job/lifestyle, this likely applies to you!

When the glutes are weak, the hamstrings are fallen back upon and this can result in over-stretching, which can feel like anything from a dull ache to sharp pain in the backs of the legs.

Is there a solution?! I hear you cry...

To prevent Yoga butt, use your Root Bandha (pelvic floor muscle group) and squeeze your glutes tight during forward folds. Moving from a passive (floppy) to an active (engaged) stretch can really help the body to build strength alongside flexibility and keep that Yoga butt at bay.

Focus on engaging the posterior tilt of the pelvis (think Michael Jackson thrust) in standing postures to prevent too much dropping into the hamstrings

Stay peachy!


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