Your voice, your way

Your voice is your most powerful tool in this world. When tuned and taught correctly it can be a beautiful instrument or as a communication of your most authentic self.


Alongside my study and work in Yoga, I am a professional and award-winning singer-songwriter with over 15 years of experience in writing, performance and vocal work. At school, I went through the classical grades process and achieved grade 8 with distinction. However something was missing for me... I needed more soul. 

What I offer

I offer a holistic approach to voice coaching. Suitable for those wishing to learn to sing, perform or speak in public (or in the mirror!) my lessons and workshops provide a personalised method to harnessing the power of your authentic voice. Using traditional and contemporary breath methodology alongside Yoga, meditation and the chakra system, we will work together to help you release your true potential. 

Everybody can sing and speak with confidence. Voice can be learned by anybody with the correct teaching and introspection of the heart. Harness the power of your authentic voice today!

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"Beautiful, shiny soul with a voice to match." - Sarah, 2019

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